Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire Safety Tips

  • Install smoke alarms in every room
  • Buy flame-less candles and do not light decorative candles
  • Know your escape route in every room of the home
  • Feel the door before entering to determine if there is fire on the other side.
  • Practice fire safety with your kids at least twice a year

That Smokey Look

Don't be fooled by the trendy dark color of the walls. That is not the color they were meant to be. What you see is actually residue from a kitchen fire staining the walls black and brown.

Appliances and Fires

It is a good idea to replace all electronic appliances that were close to the origin of the fire. The intensive heat may have melted important electrical components. With contents coverage with your insurance company, they may even pay to have it replaced. 

Soot In The Air

Made of the same stuff as smokewebs, black flecks or soot can be found throughout the home even in rooms that are located far away from any fire. In a business, any room that shares the same air ducts as the afflicted space could have soot settle. 

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Burnt Leftovers

Leaving your garbage on the side of the road for pickup isn't always the best thing to do. Especially when the smell of burnt garbage can be smelled for 200 feet and you live in a close proximity condo. Aside from the smell, these debris piles are the perfect breeding ground for roaches and other local insects. While it may take more time, putting the remains in garbage bags or renting a dumpster will ultimately allow for easier transport and happier neighbors.

Melting Pictures

When exposed to extreme heat, plastics will begin to melt. For most plastics, the temperature only needs to reach around 212 degrees Fahrenheit to begin showing signs of deterioration. Most house fires will burn at a temperature of 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit, leaving all plastic material in the area left looking like the Wicked Witch Of The West. So for those precious family photos hanging on the wall wrapped in a cheap plastic frame, you may want to consider switching to something a little more heat resistant. 

Smoke Web

What you see is not the result of an ordinary cobweb being darkened by smoke from a fire as many people immediately assume. Though the majority of the time you will only see them after a large house fire has occurred. It is something much more chemically astounding. These incredible web like structures are actually residual crystals that have formed from burning plastic particles being released into the air and coming together again to form in the corner of a room.

DIY Garage

There is no hobby more manly than fixing up your own car, building a go kart with your son, or doing frankly anything with power tools. However what isn't manly, is starting a fire in the garage. If you watched Home Improvement as a child you remember all the dangers King of DIY Tim Allen put himself in when working with dangerous tools. Before using any power tools; Check to see that the wiring is in good condition; Always work in a well ventilated area; and never work on machinery that is turned on or else your garage may end up looking like this one.