Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

We have been in Business for 10 Years

Jan 2019 was our 10th anniversary. It was then, that Pat Munoz began a two-man business, with one truck, just a little bit of equipment and a whole lot of passion for helping people. Today, we have over 30 employees, enough vehicles for multiple crews, and a lot of high tech equipment to support our community even in storm situations.

Our Warehouse

One of the most challenging times you may experience, is when your home or business is affected by water damage. As difficult as it may be during a time like this, you can count on your local SERVPRO of South Pasadena heroes to save the day. Depending on the size or extent of the damage caused by the water loss, we may be obligated to remove all the contents from the affected area. You can trust our professional staff to pack, inventory, and store your contents in our warehouse facility. The process begins by taking a detailed inventory of your items with photos to ensure that all your items are documented. After all your items are inventoried, it is then brought back to our facilities where they are stored.

We Support our Community

Each Year we encourage all insurance agents, adjusters, and SERVPRO employees to bring in new, unwrapped toys to support the toy drive. We will donate these toys to Toys for Tots this year!

CE Class

Every other month we host Continuing Education Classes for those in our community who need these credits. We offer the classes for free to local Insurance Agents, Adjusters and Property Managers. On these days, we offer free breakfast and lunch during the classes. This is a great way to get to know our company and the things that we do. We try to offer classes that people are interested in and need.

Would You Enter This Room?

Before you enter this room, what hazards do you see?

Possible safety hazards include further collapse, electrical hazards, and more.

Think it stops at water damaged ceilings, think again. The longer you wait to initiate water damage cleanup the more the ceiling and wall paint will discolor, plaster will bulge. In addition, damage can occur to mounted lights and ceiling fans. Mold growth can result quickly in untreated water damage.

SERVPRO of S. Pasadena is here for you 24/7/365 with a licensed, expert team that will restore your property back to pre-disaster condition quickly, affordably and with integrity. Visit us at:


or call us at (713) 472-4162.

How to Avoid Secondary Damage

When your commercial building experiences water flowing into areas where it is not designed for, water damage can result. There are two different kinds of water damage, primary and secondary.

Water damage can still occur months after water has even cleaned up by homeowners or tenants, and this is why expert water removal services should be used. 

When resulting from water damage, properties that have had major spills indoors should be cleaned up as soon as possible. Significant leaks need professional cleaning and extraction.

When you have water damage, make it a priority to call us. SERVPRO of S. Pasadena at (713) 472-4162, as we can help you reduce the damaging effects of water damage and mitigate the chance that secondary water damage can happen. 

Keeping Your Items Safe

When disaster strikes, it is a good idea to get all valuables and furniture out as soon as possible while mitigating and repairing the environment. No need to rent a temporary storage facility that would cost hundreds when your Mitigating team will store it for you. Here at SERVPRO of South Houston.

we have an extremely organized pack out system allowing us to keep track of all your items with detailed precision so nothing is lost, forgotten about, and can be cleaned on site when required. 

Fallen Branches

If your home is surrounded by trees you know one of the greatest hazards during a strong storm or just on a windy day is flying debris from the trees. Large branches, like the one seen here, can fall on your roof and create a sizable hole opening you up your attic to the elements.

Document Recovery

Soot tends to linger in the air even after the fire has been put out. It will get inside important documents and turn their pages black, making them unreadable. To prevent stirring up the soot and chemicals in the air, further damaging important items, we seal off to create a sort of


such as the one seen here inside the home or business. Our SERVPRO team is specially trained to preserve pages in their current state until they can be transported to our facility to be properly restored. 

A Pack-out For Your Home Or Business

An unexpected cost of a water damage can be having to rent out a storage facility to house all your valuables while the Mitigation team does their duty. One of the amazing features SERVPRO of South Pasadena offers is the ability to document and house all of your items in our secure facility. Our documenting is so detailed, if there is an important item you need that has been packed, we are able to find the exact location and box it was housed in. Saving you time, money, and stress.