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Water Damage in Houston

Sewer back up started in the shower that affected eight rooms on two floors. We had to remove flooring and base boards. We sprayed a antimicrobial solution to k... READ MORE

Garage Water Leak

We received a call from one of our customers from our local area of South Pasadena stating that their water heater had a leak in their garage and that they... READ MORE

Leak in Kitchen

Our highly trained technicians were sent to a home in Pasadena, TX. to fix a leak from an upstairs toilet in our client's home. We arrived at the home... READ MORE

Mold Hiding Behind Your Walls

When moisture sits behind a wall for too long mold will inevitably begin to develop. The good thing about mold, however, is when you have thin material such as ... READ MORE

The Work Refrigerator

The Damage: In every office kitchen there is that ONE box or tub that has been looming in the dark corner of the fridge for over a year. You can ask around... READ MORE

The Effects Of Sporicide

The Damage: A small leak combined with intense humidity behind a mini fridge caused mold to begin forming. Seen in this stage, the mold is still young and ... READ MORE

Roof Damage

This picture shows the extent of damage from a roof leak that went undetected for a long time. We inspected the home and presented the owners with a scope ... READ MORE

Hard-earned results have made SERVPRO leaders in the fire and water cleanup and restoration industry.

SERVPRO South Pasadena understand your situation. As an agent or adjuster, you have a responsibility to keep claims costs down while still providing the best se... READ MORE

Commercial Kitchen Fire Damage

This restaurant caught on fire, affecting everything from the walls and ceiling to the contents. SERVPRO of South Pasadena quickly stepped in to make ... READ MORE

Dining Room Fire

This restaurant suffered a major kitchen fire.  It was important that after learning the source of this damaging fire that every inch of the damage trail w... READ MORE