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SERVPRO #ThrowbackThursday!

6/20/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO SERVPRO #ThrowbackThursday! A glance at the evolution of our service vehicles over the years!

Check out this SERVPRO® Throw Back Thursday!

Ted and Doris Isaacson launched SERVPRO in 1967 as a painting business, but with a background in cleaning and restoration, Ted and Doris soon transformed the company into a franchisor of cleanup and restoration specialists.

After selling its first franchise in 1969, SERVPRO continued to grow, and had 175 franchises by 1979. Noticing the steady growth, SERVPRO strategically moved its headquarters to Gallatin, TN. This location allowed them to be within 600 miles of 50% of the US. SERVPRO consisted of 647 franchises at the time.

In 1991 the Nashville Business Journal named SERVPRO the Small Business of the Year. Shortly after winning the title, SERVPRO sold it’s 1,000th franchise in 2000.

Today more than 1,700 franchises are operating nationwide, and SERVPRO continues to grow and serve their communities to the best of their abilities. With a proud history, a successful present, and a bright future- SERVPRO with press on toward becoming the premier cleaning and restoration company in the world!

If you are in need of restoration services after suffering a fire or water damage, our professional technicians are ready to assist you, and help make it "Like it never even happened."

For more information on SERVPRO, visit our website:

If you would like to inquire about the services SERVPRO has to offer, or have experienced a water or fire damage, please call our helpful office staff at:  (713) 472-4162

Prepping for Fire Restoration

6/15/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Prepping for Fire Restoration Different building materials require different cleaning techniques and cleaners to properly rid them of soot and smoke odor.

The first 48 hours after a fire damage can make the difference between restoring versus replacing your property and personal belongings. It is important to know what steps you can take in preparation for restoration of the home while avoiding any actions that could possibly cause more damage.

  • Limit movement in the home to prevent soot particles from spreading and additional damage from occurring.
  • Place clean towels or old linens on rugs and high traffic areas and upholstery.
  • Coat chrome faucets, trim, and appliances with petroleum jelly or oil.
  • Place aluminum foil or wood blocks between furniture and wet carpet.
  • Do not wash any walls or painted surfaces.
  • Do not shampoo carpet or upholstery.
  • Do not clean any electrical equipment.
  • Do not send any clothing to a dry cleaners since improper cleaning can set the smoke odor.

Please keep these tips in mind if you’ve had a fire in your home. Improper cleaning or handling of damaged materials may result in permanent damage. Before you risk doing further damage by attempting to clean up yourself, call SERVPRO® of South Pasadena where our Franchise Professionals have worked for over 40 years to help make fire damage “Like it never even happened.”

For more information about fire restoration contact our office staff at SERVPRO® of South Pasadena at (713) 472-4162 or visit our website:

Sizzle into Summer with these Grilling Safety Tips

6/14/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Sizzle into Summer with these Grilling Safety Tips Keep decorations away from your cooking area to avoid flare ups that could cause harm to your guests or your home.

In 2013-2017, grills, hibachis or barbecues were involved in an average of 10,200 home fires per year! These fires contributed to the annual averages of 10 deaths, 160 reported injuries, and roughly $123 MILLION in direct property damages.

While the summertime sets the mood for outdoor barbecues and get togethers, it is important to practice safe outdoor grilling to ensure the safety of your guests, your home, and yourself.

Check out these tips to have a SAFE and enjoyable barbecue:

  • Keep your grill at least 10 feet away from your house. This includes any portions attached to your house like carports, garages, and porches. Grills should not be used under wood overhangs or palapas either, as the fire could flare up into the structure above.
  • Clean your grill regularly. If you allow grease or fat to build up on your grill, it could increase the potential for a flare up.
  • Check for gas leaks if using a gas grill. Gas leaks are the silent, unexpected guests at your backyard barbecue. You can check for gas leaks by using a mixture of half liquid dish soap and half water. Rub the mixture on hoses and connections, then turn the gas on (with the grill lid open). If the soap mixture produces large bubbles, that's the sign of a potential gas leak. The hose may have small holes or the connection is not tight enough.
  • Keep decorations away from your grill. No gathering is complete without the array of perfectly chosen, themed decorations straight from your Pinterest board. However, the decorations may look pretty, but they also add fuel to the fire. Today’s decor is often made of artificial fibers that burn extremely fast and hot. Keep a designated cooking area away from the house and decoration free.
  • NEVER turn on the gas to your grill while the lid is closed. This can cause a buildup of gas inside your grill, and when you light it and open the lid, a fireball can explode in your face.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher near your grill, and KNOW HOW TO USE IT. If you are unsure how to use it, call 911 immediately. Firefighters state that many fire deaths occur when people try to fight the fire themselves instead of calling for an expert.

You can read more about grill and fire statistics here:

Your friends at SERVPRO® want you to have a fun and safe summer!

If you have experienced a fire caused by a barbecue or gas grill, contact SERVPRO® of South Pasadena at (713) 472-4162, or check out our website for more summer safety tips:

Restoring VS Replacing Belongings After a Water Damage

6/14/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Restoring VS Replacing Belongings After a Water Damage No matter the cause, SEVRPRO® is here to help restore your home and your belongings!

One of the most common topics after a client suffers water damage, is how and what they can save from water damage.  Unfortunately, there is no clear cut answer to this question. Every water damage is unique in some sense, so what can be saved is really on a case by case basis. However, here are some guidelines that you can use to make the best decision possible.

What Type of Water Damage

Determining whether the water that damaged your personal belongings is clean or contaminated will be a big factor in whether or not it can be salvaged. Obviously, if you are dealing with clean water, the chances of being able to save some of your belongings is higher.  Even though it may be possible to restore something that is damaged by contaminated water, it is more than likely not worth the health risk that it may bring.

Porous vs Non Porous Materials

Porous materials such as fabrics, wood, and paper are very good at retaining water. This also means it increases the chance of other dangers like mold growth, and damage beyond repair. This is not always the case and if handled quickly and properly, many times these items can be saved as well. On the other hand, non-porous materials like marble, metal, and porcelain - among others - usually have no problem being restored. Since there is really nothing for bacteria and mold to root itself in, a simple cleaning is usually no problem.

The Amount of Time the Water Saturated

Another factor that will come into the equation of determining what can and cannot be saved is how long the materials have been wet for. The longer an item sits in water, the deeper it can penetrate. As you can imagine, this makes it increasingly more difficult to bring it back to its normal state. The perfect example of this is wooden furniture. It takes quite a bit of time for it to really absorb and become completely water logged. If you get personal belongings out of the standing water and begin the drying process right away, you have a good chance of being able to save them.

Factor in the Replacement Cost

Water damage restoration of personal belongings is no different than any other type of repair. You will always want to evaluate how much it is going to cost to repair something versus simply replacing it. Is the item you want to save really worth paying a professional to do work on it? Sometimes it is, sometimes it is not.

You should also take into account that paying for restoration does not guarantee your item will be returned to its original state. If that’s the case, you’ll have to replace the item anyways.

If you are unsure about whether or not one of your items could be salvaged, it is best that you get it analyzed by a professional. If you hire a water damage restoration company to handle a dry out of your property, they will be able to assist you in assessing damage to your personal belongings as well.

To speak to a professional water restoration representative at SERVPRO of South Pasadena, call them today (713) 472-4162. We’ll do our best to your get your home and your belongings back to “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO's Top Tips for Hurricane Preparedness

6/10/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage SERVPRO's Top Tips for Hurricane Preparedness Keep a map of the local area containing all updated evacuation routes.

If you live near the coast, you probably cringe at the thought of Hurricane Season. No worries, your friends at SERVPRO® of South Pasadena are here with some helpful tips to keep your family and home prepared!

10 Tips for Hurricane Preparedness:

  1. Build or buy a disaster supply kit. Your kit should contain water (Rule of Thumb: 2 gallons per person, per day for at least 3-4 days), at least a 3 day supply of non-perishable foods, a can-opener, a first aid kit, flashlights/candles, crank radio, flare guns or whistles to signal for help, extra clothes, cash, a local map, and any specialty items for infants, elderly, or disabled family members.
  2. Create an evacuation plan. If your family is not together at the time of the emergency, where is a safe, accessible area for everyone to meet? Where will you go? What do you need to bring with you? What is the best route to avoid traffic? Make sure all family members are aware of your evacuation plan and assign tasks to each family member to help get your family out of harm's way as quickly as possible.
  3. Fill your bathtubs with water. This water can be used to flush toilets, cleaning and washing. Keep a bucket or other large container for scooping the water you need.
  4. Make a list of emergency contacts. This would include your family physician, insurance agent, key family members, and of course, your friendly neighborhood SERVPRO®!
  5. If you do not plan on evacuating, board your windows and other openings with plywood. This provides protection in the instance your window is broken during the storm and from any flying debris.
  6. Place sandbags in any areas you would like to prevent water intrusion. Your home’s garage is the most vulnerable area against wind and water. Placing sandbags at your garage doors and any other vulnerable areas will help keep the damage at a minimum.
  7. Secure any outdoor furniture or toys that could get blown around or float away. If you have a pool, you can toss any water-friendly toys or patio furniture into the pool. Once the items are under water in the pool, they won’t be able to float out or blow away. This practice is commonly used by hotels to prevent their pool-side furniture from being lost in the storm. If you do not have a pool, move the outdoors items into the garage or under a tarp that is anchored to a secure spot.
  8.  Turn your refrigerator and freezer on the coldest setting. This should help keep the food cold during a power outage. Should your power go out, avoid opening the refrigerator if you can. If you must open it- open it quickly, grab what you need, and close it immediately.
  9. Place valuables or items that can easily be ruined by water into containers and on higher ground. Remove anything from the floor, bottom cabinets/shelves, and furniture that could get ruined by the flood waters and stack them on something off the ground, such as a bed or table.
  10. Know who you need to call in the instance you’ve had a loss at your property and need to make a claim. Keep your insurance agent and adjuster information stored or written down in your disaster kit. Calling your agent or adjuster’s direct line VS and 1-800 number can lead to a quicker response.

For help with storm damage, call the office team with SERVPRO® South Pasadena at (713) 472-4162, or visit out website:

Commercial Water Damage

4/2/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Water Damage The Property Manager was thrilled that we responded so fast!

This building experienced a toilet overflow on the 17th floor.  SERVPRO of South Pasadena arrived within the hour.   We always begin by walking the job with the Engineer and Property Manager to discuss a plan of action.

There’s never a convenient time for flooding or water damage to strike your business. Every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call and we’ll be there fast with the help you need.

Water Damage or Flooding? Call Us Today (713) 472-4162

A Graffiti Situation

3/5/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial A Graffiti Situation The Be Someone sign is Houston's most famous piece of Graffiti. You can see it stretching over I-45 heading Southbound to Galveston.

It can happen to any business at any time. Schools and Downtown buildings understand the fear all too well. One day it’s not there and the next the walls are filled with colored scribbles. Graffiti can come in many forms such as tagging, wild style, or a creative piece. (click here to learn more).

Not all Graffiti is created equal. Some would argue it can be a piece of art, others are seen as disgusting vandalism. There are countless reasons people do it but something universal to all version is how difficult it is to clean up. If you find your business marked, have your maintenance man/woman take a look at these tips for removing graffiti.

5 Handy Removal Tips

  1. Remove the Graffiti as quickly as possible! The longer it sits the more it settles into the material.
  2. Use a 3000psi pressure washer. When using this method do so with caution as too high of a pressure will etch the image you are trying to get rid of permanently into the surface.
  3. Commercial cleaners do exist that will help strip the paint. Take a trip to your nearest Home Deopt or Lowes
  4. Sandpaper the image down before removal to weaken the top layer of paint.
  5. Do not try to scrub the paint off with cloth, use a steel brush for better results

Bonus Tip

  • When in doubt, call the professionals!

SERVPRO of South Pasadena in an expert in Graffiti removal. The SERVPRO franchise has developed special chemical cleaners to aid in the removal of paint that, when used correctly, could lessen the damage to the surface trying to be cleaned. 

Did your building get tagged when you weren't looking? Don't let it be something you stress over and call us at (281)-412-6211. 

Facts About Hurricane Harvey

2/28/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Facts About Hurricane Harvey Have Storm or Flood Damage? Call Us Today (713) 472-4162

Hurricane Harvey

Category 4

August 17- September 2, 2017

  • 82 confirmed deaths
  • Harvey was the first major hurricane to hit the US since Wilma (2005)
  • Was the first Category 4 Hurricane in Texas since Carla (1961)
  • Over 200,000 homes were damaged or destroyed
  • 738,000 people registered with FEMA
  • More than $378 million dollars have been paid out
  • The Hurricane caused $125 billion in damage
  • The first point of landfall was August 25 in south-central Texas
  • Only 20% of homes hit had flood insurance, leaving the other 80% left without coverage
  • Some areas were recorded getting up to 51 inches of rain
  • The highest wind speed recorded was 134 mph
  • Texans Football Player J.J Watt raised a staggering $37 million in relief funds for Harvey

Have Storm or Flood Damage?
Call Us Today (713) 472-4162

Facts and information credited to:

Amadeo, Kimberly. “Hurricane Harvey Shows How Climate Change Can Impact the Economy.” The

“Hurricane Harvey Aftermath.”

“Hurricane Harvey: Facts, FAQs, and How to Help.” World Vision, 11 Dec. 2017,

Let SERVPRO of South Pasadena clean and disinfect your School, Home or Business of Viruses

2/14/2019 (Permalink)

The CDC has posted the information on the attached link regarding the seasonal influenza occurring at our schools recently. SERVPRO South Pasadena can address this issue, as well as others, with the cleaning products we use. Our disinfectants are EPA, FDA and OSHA compliant, have a very low toxicity rating, and are effective against the most common disease and odor-causing organisms, including MRSA, HIV-1 (AIDS virus), Influenza A2, Avian Flu, VRE, TB, Herpes, and many others.

Differences between cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing

  1. Cleaning removes germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces or objects. Cleaning works by using soap (or detergent) and water to physically remove germs from surfaces. This process does not necessarily kill germs, but by removing them, it lowers their numbers and the risk of spreading infection.
  2. Disinfecting kills germs on surfaces or objects. Disinfecting works by using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces or objects. This process does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces or remove germs, but by killing germs on a surface after cleaning, it can further lower the risk of spreading infection.
  3. Sanitizing lowers the number of germs on surfaces or objects to a safe level, as judged by public health standards or requirements. This process works by either cleaning or disinfecting surfaces or objects to lower the risk of spreading infection.

SERVPRO of South Pasadena can address these issues in an educational environment, business environment, or any other setting where many are working in close contact with others.  SERVPRO can clean and disinfect the surroundings to prevent the spread of these viruses.

Please call our office at (281)412-6211 to schedule an assessment of your situation.

What To Avoid When Dealing With a Water Damage

2/8/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO What To Avoid When Dealing With a Water Damage Whether water damage affects your home from a pipe break or an external cause, contact SERVPRO for effective remediation services.

Why Cross-training Matters in Water Damage Restoration Services here in Houston.

Water damage can be debilitating. Private residents are more often than not ill-equipped to deal with large amounts of water and the longer it is left to sit the more likely it is to cause permanent damage. SERVPRO is a restoration company that has built its stellar reputation on professional handling of water and fire damages for commercial property managers and private residents. We are a local company with access to phenomenal resources thanks to our national franchises all over the US.

Water damage in Houston properties can often be the start of a long list of problems. The reason is that moisture can weaken structural areas of the home as well as its carpets, fittings, and furniture. Moist environments are also breeding grounds for secondary damages like mold growth or unpleasant odors. Here at SERVPRO, our technicians undergo intensive training to give them a broad working knowledge of different aspects of remediation and their knock-on effects.

A SERVPRO technician usually holds several certificates issued by the IICRC, and they bring that training into every service. Holding a certificate in odor control, for example, can be hugely beneficial during water cleanup. The same can be said for the assessment and remediation of mold which may be discovered during service. It is this broad range of expertise that differentiates our technicians from other providers.

Availability is the reason SERVPRO is the restoration service of choice for so many private residents and commercial property owners. We operate a 24 hour a day call line because we know that damages can be unexpected and happen anytime. Having the safety net of an emergency call line is essential to our customers. Because our technicians live and work local to the area, we can also promise to arrive on site within four hours of notification of loss.

Next time you experience property damages contact SERVPRO of South Pasadena at (713) 472-4162