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12/30/2021 (Permalink)

winner Win a $25 Amazon gift card.

The Restoration Report

**Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card**

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  1. Complete the PUZZLE form.
  2. Email or fax the completed form to: or fax 281-412-6212
  3. You will be automatically entered into a drawing to win a $25 Amazon gift card.

 **Drawing will be held on Jan. 7th**


As your local SERVPRO Sales Manager I am excited to work with you. We offer competitive bids and also have a construction side to our business. Please have your staff and customers call me directly 24/7 at 281-520-8197.   Why SERVPRO? Residential & Commercial Services: 

A New Standard of Clean

8/17/2021 (Permalink)

School cleaning As our communities get back to business, we all have a new sense of what it means to be clean.

At SERVPRO, we understand the many questions and concerns our customers are experiencing during this pandemic. We want you to know that we continue to monitor and adhere to all CDC and EPA guidelines with regards to our procedures and cleaning products that we use. We are committed to our customers and our community, and now than more than ever we are here to help.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, our new defensive pathogen cleaning program, goes way beyond standard janitorial cleaning practices. This is proactive viral pathogen cleaning. With over 50 years of experience in biochemical spill remediation and decontamination, you can trust SERVPRO Professionals to bring a higher standard of clean to the places we gather.

So when you see the Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned shield, you can walk in with confidence. Because you’ll know the #1 choice in clean up and restoration was there.

Are you interested in our Commercial Services, or are you a consumer who wants to learn more?

Call us today to schedule your cleaning.
(281) 520-8197 Kimberly Robb 

International Firefighters Day

5/4/2020 (Permalink)

To all the firefighters To all the firefighters that risk everything to save our lives.

To all the firefighters that risk everything to save our lives, memories, and communities, thank you for all you do. #InternationalFirefightersDay

By proudly wearing and displaying blue and red ribbons pinned together or by participating in a memorial or recognition event, we can show our gratitude to firefighters everywhere. The IFFD ribbons are linked to colors symbolic of the main elements firefighters work with – red for fire and blue for water.

The IAFF Foundation is dedicated to protecting and assisting IAFF members who put their lives on the line to save others, as well as the communities they serve.

When there’s a national emergency or natural disaster — from hurricanes, wildfires, floods, and tornadoes to mass casualty events and civil disturbances — firefighters and paramedics remain on the frontlines serving their communities. To Donate to IAFF Foundation 

How To Change A Smoke Detector

1/29/2019 (Permalink)

FEMA recommends you change the battery in your smoke alarm once a year and replace the entire device once every five years.

Smoke detectors are often forgotten about the safety feature of your home. That is until it begins to beep to remind you to change the battery. FEMA recommends you change the battery in your smoke alarm once a year and replace the entire device once every five years. 

Replacing the Battery

What You Need:

9-volt battery (typical battery used, may vary)

Ladder or Step Stool


  1. Set up the ladder underneath the smoke detector to give you better access.
  2. Turn the smoke detector counterclockwise so the face either comes off or drops down still attached by a few wires.
  3. If there are wires attached to the face, squeeze the area where they connect and they should pop off. If they don't, leave it be and move on to step 4. Do not cut the wires.
  4. The smoke detector may beep once it is disconnected, that is okay. Remove the backing over the battery housing and replace the 9-volt battery. Most current models do not require a screwdriver for this.
  5. Place the smoke detector back over the base and turn clockwise to lock it in. You should hear or feel it click.

For more information on smoke detectors, see the FEMA page here

The Famous Buc-ee's Restrooms

1/29/2019 (Permalink)

Buc-ee's gas stations can have more than 70 restroom stalls!

A household name across Texas, Buc-ee's is revered by Houstonian's like the best rest stop in all of America. What sets it apart from the others? Apart from its massive size, halls of candy and plethora of beef jerky, when people think of Buc-ee's they think of its world-famous restrooms. 

How do they stay so clean? There is a staff fully dedicated to inspecting the bathrooms every hour on the hour 24/7. Buc-ee's has also risen the standards of 'clean' too much more than just a wipe down and a quick mop up. Toilets alone are cleaned every hour with more care than most people give their own johns. While this makes for a much less desired job, Buc-ee's had no problem compensating their employees with above minimum wage pay. 

For more information on Buc-ee's and their pristine toilets see the below links.