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Water Damage Testimonials

I'm a principal of a charter school. I came in the week before school started with children to a major flooding due to A/C pump giving out. The flooding affected my front office and part of the gym floor. I remembered the motto "Like it never even happened." and called SERVPRO. They had team evaluating that same day and removing water the next morning. Our first day of school was fantastic. Our front office really did look "Like it never even happened." Thank you SERVPRO!

My kitchen was a disaster area after a pipe busted! Jessica helped coordinate my repairs and my remodel quicker than I could blink. Thankful for the team over at SERVPRO!

SERVPRO was one of the companies recommended to me by my insurance company after having a pipe burst in my guest bathroom in February! I have to say a BIG MAHALO (Thank You) to Sonia and her team! SERVPRO you have taken good care of my Hale (House) and my Ohana (Family) you all did an amazing job!! Mahalo (Thank You) for everything! Aloha from Tomball Texas!

Kimberly is very thorough and a delight to work with in any circumstance. She’s knowledgeable which helps in any process.

They were very professional, took the time and care to help move all my belongings. They fully explained the whole process and clean up involved with the water damage in my home. They explained the before the during the after they followed up several times you couldn’t get a better company to come out and handle your repairs. Having half your house flood when pipes break is already devastating enough and then to have all the damage in your house and stuck trying to make sense of the disaster is not fun either. So they were just really helpful and putting our house back together and salvaging what they could

This company does great work. Works Extremely well with their customers. Expresses empathy at all times. Very professional attitudes, and is very quick to returns calls.

  1. Please describe why you chose us.  Response:   After our water damage, my homeowner's policy recommended SERVPRO as one of it's preferred providers.
  2. Please rate the overall quality and value of your finished project. Response:   4.5  Comments: I could not be happier. The work was seamless.
  3. What did you enjoy the most about working with us on the project?  Response:   Communication, communication, communication
  4. How would you describe your overall experience working with us?  Response:   Fabulous. SERVPRO brought closure to our water entry nightmare
  5. Please rate how likely you are to recommend us to your friends and family.  Response:   5.0  Comments: I already have sung praises to others.

I got home from vacation to a flooded house and called SERVPRO of South Pasadena. From the initial point of contact, their team was on it! They not only isolated the core issue, but did a thorough job of inspecting other areas of the home that might be damaged. I truly felt as though they were working for me and were there to get me through this bad situation with as little pain as possible."

SERVPRO does not hesitate to come when I call them. It is reassuring to know once I make that call the job will be done."

Our [Insurance] Policy covered the accident we had in the bathroom. I am so glad they brought in SERVPRO. Everyone was helpful and got us through this mess."

I would highly recommend this SERVPRO to anyone if you need them. "

Everyone seemed like they knew what they were doing. It all went well. I am just happy to have my house back. "